The matching of thoughtful curtains makes the home environment counterattack 100 times!

Buying curtains is really a headache! In order to buy good-looking curtains, I ran all over the surrounding curtain shops. Faced with various colors and fabrics, I really don’t know Where to start! I believe that most people have various doubts when buying curtains, and then I will share the following content to help you solve the confusion in your mind!

What material is more suitable for curtains?

1. Cotton and linen are suitable for overall flat decoration, but the disadvantage is love Wrinkles, light-transmitting, easy to shrink and cannot always be washed.

2. Polyester fabric is: Although it is very low, in most cases, curtains are made of this material, after all, it drapes neatly I don’t like shrinking yet.

3. Silk velvet: You can try this kind of feeling of love, and the matching is quite wonderful.

4. Cotton: easy to wrinkle and shrink, Not recommended.

What should be paid attention to when choosing curtain materials?

1. It depends on the specific situation of the room. For a room with sufficient light, you can choose cotton and linen curtains, such as the living room.

2. The bedroom needs shading and sound insulation functions, and you can choose thicker ones velvet curtains.

3. Curtains should be selected according to the color matching of the room. For example, if yellow is used in a small room, the best matching curtains are also the same color, or slightly darker.

How should the color of the curtains be matched?

1. Pure white curtains

White curtains don’t need to take care of any main colors. They are versatile colors, but they are not resistant to dirt. If the hostess is more diligent, you can consider installing white curtains!

White curtains are also very well matched with the overall light tone style. The best length of the curtains can be a little longer, about two or three centimeters, which can also visually elongate the height and make the light in the space brighter.

2. Solid-color curtains

Pure-color curtains are also very good to match. Without patterns, the vision will be more pure, and it also conforms to the clean and simple aesthetics of modern people!

The color of the curtains is best to match the color of the objects in the home. At the same time, we can also find inspiration for choosing and matching curtains from these household items.

3. Different styles of curtains

Colorful curtains are interesting and not monotonous, but they are not easy to match. If they are not selected properly, it is easy to ruin the entire space. There are more Chinese styles in the interior, so don’t put bright red and green on the curtains. Simple and elegant curtains are more suitable for Chinese wooden furniture.

4. Striped curtains

Striped curtains have no patterns and are easier to match. We should consider the material. When the curtain has a large area of color, we must consider whether the entire home environment is coordinated with it. If you don’t understand color matching, it is recommended to choose a small area of color that has already appeared in the house.

The above is the knowledge of curtain selection that Xiaobian explained to you, I hope it can be helpful to you!

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