Let the bag add points to your outfit| five kinds of popular design bag introduction

In your bag concept, is it only the handbag you hold in your hand and the backpack you carry on your back? Bags have a lot of knowledge in style design! This time, we have selected five popular bags, including tote bags, doctor bags, messenger bags, bucket bags,s and Cambridge bags, to introduce the origin of various bag designs.

Tote Bag

Tote Bags are the most practical and versatile bag styles, and they have always ranked first in popular bag styles. Most of the shapes are square trapezoids, and most of the openings are at the top. The shape is simple and neat and the storage capacity is large.

Canvas Tote Bag with Zipper

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This reusable women’s tote purses come with a zip closure & have a zippered pocket inside. It has ample capacity to fit your groceries, books & other everyday carry essentials.

The tote is an American slang word meaning to carry, and the tote bag was first used as a square canvas tote for carrying water and ice camping. In the days when there were no refrigerators, food had to be kept cold with large blocks of ice, and of course, the bag used for carrying had to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the ice.

Such a sturdy and easy-to-use bag is a very useful item for college students who carry a lot of books every day, so it is also among young people on the east coast of the United States that became popular. Gradually, the tote bag transformed from an outdoor item to a fashion accessory. The materials have also been changed from the original canvas bag to leather and nylon cloth. The only constant is the convenience and practicality that everyone loves.

[High-Quality PU Leather] Blue Tote Bag

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This tote Bag is Made of PU leather material, durable and fashionable. Effectively protect your computer from accidental bumps, impacts, and scratches. Roomy enough with 3 compartments and 3 pockets for all your daily stuff, keep your items well organized.
With a removable adjustable shoulder strap varied from 31.5 inches to a maximum of 55.9 inches, it can also be used as a crossbody bag. The top handle zipper closure prevents your laptop fall out, and the exterior pocket keeps your mobile phone and keys easy and fast access.

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Boston bag・Boston Doctor Bag

The Boston bag introduced next is also a convenient storage style. The shape is mostly cylindrical, and the bottom is rectangular. Different from the tote bag, the Boston bag has a zipper or gold design on the opening part, which can close the bag, and the contents are not easy to fall out, so it is very suitable for use as a travel bag.

As the name suggests, the Boston bag comes from Boston, USA. Because whether it is booked for a class or luggage during sports and travel, it can be stored entirely, and it is popular among Boston college students. There is also a saying that it originates from the bags used for medical equipment carried by doctors when they visit a doctor, so it is also called a doctor’s bag. The material is mainly made of leather, and it looks very straight even if it is not filled. It is also suitable for formal wear such as suits when traveling on business.

Coffee Doctor Bag

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A unique retro coloring process makes this bag special from ordinary bags; each is unique—a special vintage-style handmade bag.

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Messenger Bag

The messenger bag was originally used by postmen and delivery personnel . Because most of the delivery time is on a bicycle, the strap of the messenger bag is shorter than that of the ordinary cross-body bag, and the body of the bag is usually on the back of the body instead of the side, which is more stable and convenient to ride on the back. The biggest feature is that the body of the bag is covered, which is mostly soft and can fit the body shape.

Messenger Bag For Men & Women

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This bag is made with premium quality high-density durable canvas fabric and PU leather; this sturdy bag features a classic yet stylish button closure flap over design, vintage brass hardware accents, adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps, and multiple pockets to keep you organized.

It is convenient to move both hands when going out for cycling and exercising; In addition to the backpack, the very stylish messenger bag is also suitable for men.

Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag Round The body of the bag is very cute and cute. The opening part does not use zippers or magnet buckles, but a casual drawstring mouth design. The birth of the bucket bag is the bag used by the well-known French designer Louis Vuitton to pack champagne at parties. Therefore, the body of the bag is long and narrow, and the bottom is mostly attached with a thick bottom plate, which is not easy to deform when heavy objects are installed.

Women’s Hoho Bag

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Although the bucket Usually gives a heavy impression, but many bucket bag designs are very small these days, and the rich color options are also suitable for girls to go out with light clothes.

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Cambridge Satchel・BagSatchel

Have you ever used a rectangular bag with two buttons when you were in elementary school? Woolen cloth? In fact, the design of schoolbags for primary school students is derived from the Cambridge bag! The orthodox Cambridge bag is a traditional British school bag (School Bag), which has been spread to the world from Oxford, Cambridge and other places. The square shape, plus two leather buttons, is very in line with the solemn atmosphere of the British school.

In addition to the back design of the schoolbag, the Cambridge bag also has shoulder, portable and other styles. Even if you are not going to school, taking a Cambridge bag to work or going out shopping will add a bit of a scholarly atmosphere to you.

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This bag is designed with a top handle and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap(drop:11’’-25’’); it can be used as a briefcase, satchel handbag, or shoulder bag to carry your daily stuff.

After reading the package styles introduced, do you have more choices when choosing bags in the future? In addition to practical storage, the good-looking bag design can even make the overall outfit more eye-catching when going out. Why not pick up new accessories today!

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