June wedding season|Recommended outfits for weddings

Why is June wedding season? First, let’s start with the term “June bride.” In ancient Roman mythology, Juno, the wife of Jupiter, the king of the gods, is the goddess of love and wedding, and the English June “June” is named after her. , so getting married in June is considered blessed and loved by the goddess Juno. Another point is that it is more practical because many Westerners like to hold outdoor weddings. The weather in April and May is relatively unstable, so many people get married in June. No matter the origin of the June wedding season, every wedding is a blessing ceremony and a little learning how to dress for a wedding!


Wedding Special attention should be paid to clothing. Although you don’t need to dress too formally for a wedding, it is not recommended to dress too casually. For example, shorts, jeans, hanging ga, etc. In addition, it should be reminded that boys should never dress more prominently than the groom, and girls should also avoid styles that may be repeated with the bride, especially not all white, beige or almost white pink, which will match the bride’s white gauze. The color of the dress is contrasting, and these basic courtesy must be taken into account. It is recommended that boys wear comfortable shirts that are not fancy, and girls wear stylish dresses.

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Glamorous double V-neck evening dress, this beautiful dress features a v-neckline, empire waist, flutter sleeves, and subtle high-low hemline.
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Elegant lace dress, beautiful floral lace, see-through on the top shows your charm and feminity; Maxi chiffon skirt elongates your figure and legs; undetachable satin belt and bowknot behind add loveliness to the whole dress.

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If you are not accustomed to wearing a suit to the wedding, the vivid blue shirt that emits a light literary temperament is a good choice.

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J.Ver’s classic white shirt is perfect for weddings as long as it is worn with a suit jacket. In addition to weddings, a well-matched white shirt can come in handy when going to work or attending other formal occasions.


Boys wear leather shoes to a wedding You can’t go wrong. If you really don’t want to wear leather shoes, you can also choose other styles of bag shoes, but sandals are not suitable. It is recommended that girls wear Baotou flat shoes or heels. Although some people will wear more gorgeous sandals, it is still the most etiquette to use bag shoes. The least recommended are slippers and shoes with dirty surfaces.

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LEHOOR’s two-color pointed-toe heels, adjustable buckles on the side can be adjusted according to your foot length Elastic, not afraid of loosening the heel when walking, and showing a beautiful ankle.

This pair of work mid-heel pumps are made of super soft synthetic leather, which is more breathable in summer. The almond toe cap is a more comfortable toe than the pointed tip. The almond toe uses a different material from the matte leather on the shoe body. The two-toned materials make the style more novel and unique.

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CEKeugo products use handmade and artisanal elements; the unique and fantastic design may be what you have never had. And the shoes match everything and meet various occasions for working, driving, outdoor or other casual lifestyles.


Highly recommended for weddings Bring a shawl. If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, matching a shawl can not only avoid showing off your shoulders, but also modify the arm lines. When the air-conditioning in the venue is very strong, you can also wear it on your body or on your legs to keep warm. If you want to make plain or dark clothes brighter, you can also use shawls of various colors and styles to match.

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This fashion designer in Spain uniquely designs these shawls; they are perfect for weddings, bridal, fashion, prom, gala, dance, night events, etc., by adding a touch of elegance to your special occasion.

Crystal Jewelry

If you don’t want to wear a dress, Do you know what accessories to match? Elegant and stylish crystal jewelry, the first choice for wedding receptions, will make you look sparkling. It is recommended to choose simple and elegant styles, so as not to steal the bride’s style. Crystals come in a variety of beautiful colors that can be matched to the day’s wear.

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Minimalist style design coupled with aurora borealis crystals makes it simple and generous yet gorgeous and glamorous. It displays incredible rainbow colors in a different light, adds an elegant sparkle to any outfit!

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This rose-gold tone plated necklace combines the precision and quality of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a timeless necklace design for a touch of glamour for every occasion.

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You will love this exquisite Tree of Life Yoga Lotus Leaf bracelet. They are made of 8mm/4mm Turquoise Jasper & Tibetan Agate gemstones. Tree of life/leaf and Lotus charm. Environmentally friendly metal and nickel-free.

Pearl earrings

Suitable for formal occasions such as wedding receptions One of the accessories to wear on occasion is the classic pearl earrings. Pearls, like crystals, have various colors to choose from, and the styles are also varied. Even the simple design cannot hide the graceful temperament.

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Every piece of PAVOI jewelry is crafted with 100% recycled materials, and our packaging is 99% biodegradable. We are consistently carbon-neutral as a company and completely offset our plastic consumption by removing over 275,000 plastic bottles from our ocean annually.

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The small hoop earrings are made of particular luster baroque pearl, so each pearl are different on shape. And the dangle drop earrings are made from the highest quality 18K gold snake chain. Each pair comes with two earrings ,and each small hoop earrings have three baroque pearls; plus, slim 14k gold earrings show off your mature femininity.

Hair accessories and other accessories

Hair accessories It is also an accessory that can set off the temperament. It is also a convenient tool for those who want to tie a ponytail or curl their hair. It is recommended to choose a simple and elegant design for weddings. There are other pins pinned on the chest or on the shawl, etc., which can be put to good use.

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Crystal Wedding Hair Accessories are made of rhinestone, alloy, beads, and comb, well crafted, and stay securely in your hair.

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Use artificial highlight pearls so the surface is very smooth, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair when wearing or losing hair.

Additional Screening: Bouquet

If you and the bride are good friends, you can also recommend a beautiful bridal bouquet to him. Usually bouquets will use different flower materials according to the style of the wedding dress and wedding venue. Common bouquets can be divided into dry bouquets, fresh flower bouquets and non-fading bouquets. Brides who like natural style can hold a bouquet of flowers. There are various types and colors of fresh flowers to choose from, but the flowers will wither and can only be used for a short time. Dried bouquets do not need watering and do not have the same shelf life as fresh flowers, but the color of dried flowers is lighter than fresh ones, which is suitable for brides who like retro style. Although not withered flower bouquets are more expensive, they have the advantages of bright colors and the same long-term preservation as dry flowers, so they have become very popular in recent years.

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Made of high-quality artificial flowers and greenery. Silk flowers include Austin rose, Vendela rose, petite peony, and morning glory; Foam flowers include rose, petite rose, rosebud, avalanche rose; Greenery includes seeded oval eucalyptus, sage vine, and some other accessories.

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The wrist flowers are perfect for weddings, parties, church, or as wedding decoration, centerpiece, or wedding gift.

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