Hurry up and throw away the slag curtains in your home, it is so fashionable to wear them now, it is too stylish

Choosing the right curtains can not only make the family life more romantic, but also enhance the overall decoration temperament. Many families do not pay attention when purchasing curtains. In fact, the selection of curtains has a great impact on the overall interior decoration effect. Hurry up and throw away the slag curtains in your home, these are popular nowadays, they are too stylish, let’s get to know them together.

First, let’s take a look at the popular curtains

(1), Color

1. White

Choose a color that is similar to the color of the wall, or that is in harmony with the home decoration style, so that the space can maintain a unified tone, and the overall look is more harmonious and concise . White curtains are a versatile choice. They are elegant, generous, quiet, and graceful. When the breeze blows, they will give people a fairy-like feeling.

2. Gray

Gray is a popular color nowadays. It is not only fashionable and temperamental, but also has a strong masking effect. The home atmosphere is full of style, showing a kind of low-key luxury invisibly.

3. Stripes or bright colors

Use striped or bright-colored curtains to brighten the overall effect, enrich the layers and decoration of the curtains, and present a very dynamic space.

(2), Function

A decent, elegant and beautiful curtain is not just a Good home decoration, but also an important medium for shading, heat insulation and adjusting indoor light. But there are many kinds of curtain materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, suede, etc. If you think it is too complicated and difficult to choose, then choose the curtain material according to the properties of the room. For families who like to watch TV on the sofa and use the living room mainly as an audio-visual area, the light in the living room should not be too strong, so as not to affect the audio-visual effect. It is recommended to choose thick cotton or polyester material with light-blocking and heat-insulating functions curtains.

If you want to make the living room brighter and more light because of the occlusion of the balcony, you can choose curtains made of light-colored or light-transmitting thin fabric materials, and hollow fabrics are also a good choice.

(3) How to hang the curtains?

Generally, the size of the curtains is determined according to the size of the window, but in order not to affect the overall In terms of aesthetics, we have to follow a “rule”: normal windows or French windows can be made into floor-to-ceiling curtains that cover the wall. The installation position of the curtain rod is about 10cm~15cm upwards from the upper edge of the window frame, so as to create an indomitable effect as much as possible and visually elevate the space.

For narrower windows, you can choose among venetian blinds, organ blinds, Roman blinds and fabric vertical blinds. The form of the curtain is liftable, the height can be flexibly adjusted according to the demand, and it can effectively diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays.

Second, what are the common materials for curtains?

1. Sheer curtain

Gauze curtains have good luster, bright and luxurious colors, and the fabrics are light and soft, suitable for summer clothing. They have good moisture absorption and are cooler, and naturally contain silk protein, which is good for skin health when worn next to the body.

2. Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a kind of pull-up fabric curtains. . When pulled up, it is more special than other pull-up curtains. It has a folded and layered feeling, which adds a sense of beauty to your windows. If you need to block the light, you can also add a blackout cloth behind the Roman shade.

3. Shading cloth

The effect of blocking sunlight is better, but there are also semi-shading and full-shading. Privacy is better. Blackout cloth can be divided into coated blackout cloth and cloth blackout cloth. Therefore, it is suggested that friends with better economic conditions should choose fabric blackout cloth as much as possible when purchasing blackout cloth curtains! Because coated blackout cloth has toxic substances, do not choose this kind. Cloth shade cloth is very environmentally friendly!

4. Cloth curtains

There are also many kinds of cloth curtains, such as silk High-quality fabric, cotton: plant fiber, the main advantages are moisture absorption, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing, but cotton is easy to wrinkle, cannot be dyed with bright colors, easy to fade, aging quickly, will shrink to a certain extent after washing, poor elasticity, poor resistance, Strong alkali resistance, easy to mold, but resistant to insects.

Third, what should be paid attention to when installing curtains?

When the curtains choose to install the track, the track is generally installed above the window frame. If you open the window inward, you must explain to the merchant in advance that there is a special narrow slideway for the inward opening window, which will not affect the opening of the window.

Combination of colors, curtain colors must consider the color of the wall and the color of the furniture, you must choose all these colors in the early stage of decoration, so that you will know how to start when choosing the color of the curtains It is not simply because of personal preference that the effect of such a combination is not very good.

There is a basic principle to determine whether your home is suitable for installing full-wall curtains or small curtains. When the length of the window accounts for the length of the current wall Choose full-wall curtains for one-half of the time. When the walls on both sides of the window are smaller than the length of the window, it is also suitable for large curtains for the full wall. When the window is less than half, choose good curtains.

When buying curtains, you can choose according to your own needs. Pay attention to the overall matching effect and choose suitable fabrics for decoration. There are many types of curtains on the market. When purchasing, you must choose according to your own interior decoration style. In addition, you must also pay attention to the matching of colors, and don’t buy blindly.

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