How to make curtains, what are the precautions for making curtains

Curtains are an indispensable decoration in the living room. In addition, they also give our glass windows a privacy effect, giving people more privacy in their daily lives. Assure. Curtains can greatly improve the style of the whole room. They are practical and decorative products that people like. Next, many friends will be curious about the way curtains are made. So how to make curtains? What are the precautions for making curtains? Let’s learn about it with everyone.

How to make curtains

1. The first step in making curtains is to measure the size: the average family only uses curtains to cover the windows. If this is the case, we need to measure the width of the window, and then add ten A few centimeters (the reason for this is to have a little more curtain cloth on both sides, which will look better). If you want to make curtains all over the wall, you need to measure the width of your wall.

2. Buy cloth and yarn: Go to the market to buy cloth and yarn at a ratio of 1:2. For example, if the wall is 2.7 meters wide, buy 2.7×2=5.4 meters. Note that if you want to make a full wall, you need to buy one with a fixed height of 2.8 meters (not many with a fixed height of 2 meters).

3. Cloth tape: The total width of the cloth and yarn you buy is the number of meters of cloth tape you need. Also buy more. Be careful not to sew the small opening of the hook when processing the cloth tape. You can also look at the curtains at a friend’s house or ask a store that sells cloth tapes.

4. Lace: Choose according to the color matching of cloth and yarn, buy more boards, and add more if you don’t have enough. Note that the number of meters per board is insufficient. For example, the merchant claims to be 20 meters per board, but it is actually only 15 meters. This is the industry rule, so don’t worry about it. Not worth much anyway. Also note that the double-drawn curtain has four vertical sides and a bottom side. There are also people with no lace on the two vertical sides in the middle. I personally think it looks better with lace on the bottom edge.

5. Track or Roman pole: The length of the track is the length of the curtain box on the wall. Roman rods are available without the curtain box installed, and the width can be customized according to the needs. If you don’t know how to install, you can pretend that you have just opened a curtain shop to buy goods, and ask the shop for advice.

What are the precautions for making curtains

1. To complete the purchase of traditional custom-made curtains, you generally have to go through sample inspection, payment, measurement, procurement, customization, Many links such as installation are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also expensive. A pair of ordinary curtains can cost thousands of yuan at every turn. Standardized finished curtains are produced on an industrialized assembly line. Large-scale production improves production efficiency and reduces costs. It is understood that the price of a pair of finished curtains is at least 30% lower than that of custom-made curtains.

2. In the curtain production process, many manufacturers will add auxiliary components such as resins. In the later stages of printing and dyeing, it is necessary to add a variety of dyes, auxiliaries, and finishing agents. amount of formaldehyde. Generally speaking, the more fancy patterns and brightly colored curtains, the more formaldehyde they contain. Consumers should try their best to choose light-colored curtains when purchasing.

3. Drapes, cloth belts, lead pendants, balls, lace… all kinds of curtain accessories are dazzling. People in the industry believe that curtains with complex shapes and many accessories will not increase the use value of curtains at all except that they will increase the cost. Moreover, this kind of curtains are often ostentatious and useless, too many accessories are difficult to take care of and maintain, and it is troublesome to disassemble and assemble. After washing once, they are easy to snag and deform, which will affect their reuse.

4. If you think that curtains are only used for shading and protecting privacy, then you are OUT! Now there is a kind of polarized curtain called Yikespin on the market. In addition to shading, it can also provide heat insulation and UV protection , In summer, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 6-12°C, which can greatly reduce the use time of the air conditioner. Powerful function of blocking ultraviolet rays, can filter up to 99.8% of ultraviolet rays, effectively protect skin health, and prolong the service life of indoor furniture.

How to make curtains and what are the precautions for making curtains? The above is a more comprehensive answer. I hope you can combine these details to make curtains. In this process, in addition to paying attention to whether the size of the curtains is appropriate, It is also necessary to purchase curtain materials that match the style of the room, and try to purchase materials with high environmental performance and excellent quality, so that our later use will be safer.

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