How to make bay window curtains look good How to make bay window curtains look good

Nowadays, many buildings are designed with bay windows. The bay windows have a wide view, light and warmth, and can be utilized, and the appearance is also trendy and fashionable. If there is a bay window at home, it is necessary to have a good bay window curtain, so how to make the bay window curtain look good? There is also some knowledge in this, let’s take a look at how to make the bay window curtain look good.

Bay window curtain design ideas

There are two main types of home bay windows In one case, if it is a large-area window, which occupies more than two-thirds of a wall, for this kind of bay window, it is best to make curtains on one wall, which will look good and look grand; The area of the wall is relatively small, so it is more appropriate to make curtains according to the size of the glass.

Under normal circumstances, the curtains are made inside the bay window, and the cloth curtains are made outside the bay window. There are U-shaped and L-shaped bay windows. The installation method is usually to wrap around the window glass in the bay window. You can choose curtains composed of several individual curtains. Each curtain can be tied separately. The continuous soft curtain track connects the curtains as a whole, and the height is equal to the inner height of the bay window. If the bay window is in the bedroom, there are usually more wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling ones. If there is a radiator, it can also be made the size of the window frame, and each side is extended by about 30 centimeters.

Decorative design of bay window curtains

When making bay window curtains, different styles should be selected according to the size and shape of the windows To make up for the role of window defects. The popular curtain styles on the market now include Roman blinds, sling curtains, portable curtains, and liftable curtains. Generally, for bay windows with large areas of glass, you can use window rails equipped with drawstring machinery. The effect of using floor-to-ceiling curtains is good, or you can use several groups of Roman blinds to splicing them together. This kind of decorative effect is beautiful.

Knowledge of purchasing bay window curtains

1. When choosing bay window curtains, first determine the size of the curtains according to the needs of the curtains at home. fabric and effect.

2. When choosing bay window curtains, you can choose according to the color, texture and pattern of the curtains, the length of the curtains and the style of the curtains.

3. Due to the different sizes and shapes of the bay windows at home, different styles of bay window curtains should be used. The bay window styles on the market now include Roman blinds, sling curtains, portable curtains, and liftable curtains. Different curtain styles bring different effects to bay window curtains.

4. When choosing bay window curtains, you should match them according to the decoration of your home. Therefore, when choosing bay window curtains, the material and color of the curtains can be determined according to the decoration style of your home.

Some people may not care about it, thinking that the curtains of the bay window are similar to the general curtains, but it is not the case. There are certain ones that need to be paid attention to, and those that require some thought, should be reasonably matched according to the actual situation of your home.

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