How should curtains be chosen? A few key points will guide you to decipher the various mysteries of curtain purchase!

Decorating curtains is also an important decoration! You have to match your floor and the overall style of your decoration, and choose the matching of curtains according to the light in your room! Today’s curtains, from heat insulation, sound insulation to UV protection, dustproof, waterproof, have complete performance. Whether it is cloth curtains, gauze curtains, roller blinds, bamboo curtains or venetian blinds, each has its own style. So choosing curtains is also a technical job!

Home textile curtains: shading must not be bad

Home textile curtains are needed in the living room and bedroom! For the visual effect and the comfort of the bedroom, we will use gauze curtains and cloth curtains together. However, if you are not satisfied with the shading degree of the curtains in the house now, don’t rush to replace them, just add a layer of shading cloth to the original curtains. The material used in the shade cloth is similar to that of an umbrella, so it is light and thin, but a good shade cloth can have good heat insulation, sun protection, and UV protection. But it should be noted that most of the blackout fabrics are sewn or pasted together with home textile curtains, and rarely stand alone as curtains. Because the shading cloth itself is relatively light and thin, it will be very fragile if it is not pulled along with the curtain, and it will also affect the shading effect. Because the multi-layered home textile curtains look stable and elegant. Therefore, it is suitable for use in the living room.

Blinds: good heat insulation

Blinds are made of plastic or made of iron. Generally have good heat insulation performance! Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and bamboo blinds are the functions of controlling light, protecting privacy, ingenious air circulation and beautifying space. They are different from other curtains that block the glass windows. If you like, you can adjust the light arbitrarily according to your needs, so that the indoor environment can be coordinated and unified. But it should be noted that not all blinds have heat insulation performance. Metal blinds with an insulating applicator layer and fabric blinds with a textured insulating material are generally quite insulated. Venetian blinds are simple and neat, and are easy to clean daily. They are more suitable for simple housing spaces, and can also be used in performance-oriented spaces such as study rooms and gymnasiums at home. In addition, magnesium-aluminum alloy blinds have very strong waterproof and anti-corrosion properties, and are easy to take care of. They are suitable for performance-oriented spaces such as toilets and kitchens!

The material of the curtain

The living room, bedroom and study can generally choose the same material. If you are worried about light and thin materials, it is appropriate to choose double-layer curtains. The inner layer is made of light and thin materials, such as nylon silk, sheer gauze and mesh cloth, and the outer layer is made of heavy materials, such as corduroy, woolen and gold velvet. , so that the curtains can be changed according to the season and weather.

The color of the curtains

The curtains in the living room and study are the main ones, So choose bright colors, this color will make people feel more cheerful, it can create a lively atmosphere, and it is easy to make the host have a good temperament! Choose warm-toned curtains for the bedroom, this color is easy to create a warm atmosphere, which is conducive to Man rests sleep.

The quality of the curtain

After choosing the material and color of the curtain , what we need to do is to check the quality of the curtains. This requires us to check the characteristics of various fabrics before purchasing. When purchasing, check whether the curtain fabrics you choose meet the characteristics of the fabrics you have seen before. If it matches, you can buy it.

Curtain Size

The size of the curtain is also very important. It’s not simply as long as it can cover the window. If the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, it will not have a good decorative effect and will be ugly. Generally speaking, if the length of the curtain is larger than the width, the effect will be better. It will be very different. If the window area is large, then I can hang a few slender curtains on the large window, which will look better.


Choose curtain rods to match the decoration style, Match the curtain rods of different colors according to the main color of the home decoration and curtain fabrics. The selected curtain rods should also match the overall style, so that the overall color beauty of the room is coordinated. Nowadays, most people’s homes are mainly in a simple style, so it is suitable to choose curtain rods with popular colors and simple shapes!

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