Bedroom Curtain Color Matching Tips Types of Curtains

When you choose bedroom curtains, you often choose a certain color according to your own preferences. In fact, a certain color recommended by the salesperson may not be suitable. It will be better to determine the style of home decoration. Under normal circumstances, the color of bedroom curtains should match the style of the bedroom, of course, the owner’s preferences should also be considered. The material and style of curtains are also aspects that consumers are very concerned about, and you need to pay special attention when purchasing. Next, I will introduce the color matching skills of bedroom curtains and the classification of curtains.

Color matching skills for bedroom curtains

1. Children’s bedroom curtain color matching Tips

Children generally have naive and romantic imaginations. In order to meet children’s growth needs, when choosing the color of children’s room curtains, generally choose brightly colored curtains, which are curtains with cute cartoon patterns. Children like it and it is helpful for their growth.

2. Curtain color matching skills for single bedrooms

In single bedrooms, the main thing to pay attention to when choosing the color of curtains is the favorite style of singles. Compare individual curtain colors. At this time, the color of the bedroom curtains can be freely chosen, and there is no fixed limit.

3. Adult bedroom curtain color matching skills

Generally, when choosing the color of bedroom curtains, it is the color that both parties prefer, and it is also very important to choose warmer colors Of course, you should also choose different curtain colors according to the changes of the four seasons. The best curtain colors can be used in all seasons. It is better to use curtain colors such as white, green, blue, orange and red.

Types of curtains

1. There are many kinds of cloth curtains, such as silk fabrics, cotton: plant fibers, the main advantages are moisture absorption and breathability Good durability and comfortable to wear, but cotton is easy to wrinkle, cannot be dyed with bright colors, easy to fade, aging quickly, will shrink to a certain extent after washing, poor elasticity, poor resistance, strong alkali resistance, easy to mold, but resistant to insects.

2. Roman blinds are a kind of pull-up fabric curtains, which are characterized by being simpler than traditional curtains that open on both sides, so they can make the interior feel larger. When pulled up, it is more special than other pull-up curtains. It has a folded and layered feeling, which adds a sense of beauty to your windows. If you need to block the light, you can also add a blackout cloth behind the Roman shade.

3. The gauze curtain has good luster, bright and luxurious colors, and the fabric is light and soft, suitable for summer clothing. Disadvantages are shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and need to be ironed. Special attention should be paid to the storage of clothes, and acid detergent should be used when washing.

The above is a specific introduction to the color matching skills of bedroom curtains and the classification of curtains. When choosing curtains, friends can choose according to the color matching skills provided above, which can make our home Life is more comfortable. According to the requirements of the bedroom environment, choose the corresponding material type. For bedrooms, privacy is more important, so generally bedroom curtains will choose materials with better shading effects, and the choice of colors should also be compatible with the overall home decoration style.

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